Pharma Companies in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad’s top pharmaceutical companies provide an extensive array of healthcare products, such as herbal, syrup, tablets, capsules, and injectable medication. Furthermore, these companies process and supply an assortment of pharmaceuticals.

Select a contract manufacturer with a robust quality control system and regulatory compliance, as well as production capabilities that meet production demands.


Unichem Laboratories Ltd specializes in pharmaceutical formulations and generic products, in addition to offering process chemistry, API development and manufacturing, contract formulation services, regulatory assistance services, and regulatory consultation. Products offered include alfuzosin hydrochloride, aripiprazole, cetirizine hydrochloride meloxicam, and paliperidone, among many others. Unichem serves customers worldwide.

Unichem Labs Pharma in Ghaziabad is located about 20 kilometers outside New Delhi in India and features efficient infrastructure that meets international standards. It features six manufacturing sites for drug discovery and development for global markets; Unichem is committed to providing patients with safe and effective medication.

Unichem stands out with its world-class drug manufacturing facilities as one of its greatest assets, designed to ensure consistent supplies and efficient customer service. Their research, development, manufacturing, and formulation capabilities remain unrivaled within the industry.

Access a comprehensive dataset on Unichem Laboratories Ltd in order to make intelligent B2B decisions. Monitor key performance indicators like mergers & acquisitions (M&A), funding, and new hires as they happen, plus their go-to-market strategy, clinical operations plans, recruitment plans, and go-to-market plans in order to stay ahead of competitors. Finally, assess their technology areas and digital strategy for informed business decisions.

G.D. Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

GD Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that develops and markets an expansive line of healthcare products across several therapeutic areas – gastroenterology, cardiology, and psychiatry in particular. Their diverse product portfolio demonstrates their dedication to creating innovative healthcare solutions.

Finding a contract third-party manufacturer with an effective quality control system is also paramount to ensuring high-quality pharmaceutical products and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing has seen tremendous growth over recent years due to decreased production costs and skilled labor, increased foreign investment, and government support – factors that have catalyzed an incredible surge in development that has elevated Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing to become an international force.

GD Pharma is an innovative pharmaceutical company dedicated to creating healthier communities worldwide. Their slogan, “Heal the world… Make it a better place for you and me”, speaks volumes for their goal of helping people lead more fulfilling lives. Their diverse product portfolio ranges from tablets and injectables to innovative drug delivery systems, all available in over 50 countries worldwide.

Reltic Labs

Reltic Labs is an esteemed pharmaceutical company offering an expansive selection of products. Their Ghaziabad plant boasts an efficient infrastructure to produce various pharmaceutical formulations. Reltic offers tablets, capsules, liquid syrups, dry powder, injections, and ointments in addition to making ayurvedic/herbal products, pediatric eyedrops, protein powder sachets, as well as more.

Ganesh Test Tube Baby Centre was the pioneering IVF treatment center in Ghaziabad when established by Dr. Archana Sharma in 2003. Her team of expert physicians offers guidance and treatment to couples striving to realize their dreams of parenthood, all while adhering to international standards. ICMR enrolled and complied with international protocols.

Pharma Franchise Company in Madhya Pradesh – Madhya Pradesh is one of India’s best growth regions for healthcare industry growth due to the state government’s impressive infrastructure and various schemes for improving it. However, the state still faces difficulties with a shortage of doctors and centers in rural areas; to address this shortage, Fortune Labs has launched its pharma franchise business here.

Pax Healthcare

Investment in the pharmaceutical industry can bring substantial returns; it is vitally important that investors select an established and trustworthy provider like Pax Healthcare, which offers quality products and reliable service. Pax Healthcare products have been certified by the government of India as prevention or treatment products that promote wellness; additionally, they have an expansive array of medicines for various specialties like cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, analgesics/haematinics/respiratory agents/anti-infectives/ant diabetics available for purchase.

This pharmaceutical company is well-known for providing franchise opportunities with exclusive monopoly rights to their clients. Their comprehensive product offering encompasses generic drugs and ayurvedic remedies manufactured at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are WHO-GMP compliant. Their research and development efforts have propelled it to become one of India’s fastest-growing transnational healthcare organizations.

The pharmaceutical market is experiencing considerable disruptions, which is affecting how companies must structure their business models. Many pharmaceutical firms are shifting away from third-party manufacturing in favor of franchise businesses – those more likely to survive and thrive over time. Meanwhile, advances are being made with regards to developing more sophisticated drugs and treatment options that will have an effectful influence on how these firms market and sell their products.