NSH Company Qatar

NSH has built its success on being on time and safe & quality since 1981, serving major oil & gas companies such as Saudi Aramco, SABIC & its affiliates, Ras-Gas, and ADNOC, among many others.

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NSH is one of the Middle East’s premier mega-industrial construction contractors, serving key sectors of growth. Customers include Oil and gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Cement Plants, Power, Desalination Plants, and Steel Industries. NSH offers engineering, procurement, erection, and fabrication services for piping and structural projects, as well as engineering procurement erection fabrication for steel structures. Their commitment to quality, safety, and workforce development has earned them a top reputation among their industry peers.

Qatar’s economy remains heavily reliant on petroleum and natural gas; however, recent years have seen efforts to diversify its manufacturing sector. Most manufacturing firms in Qatar are large firms with mixed state/private ownership. The government encourages foreign investment while setting aside several free zones for manufacturing activities. No personal income taxes or sales taxes exist, but excise taxes may apply on tobacco, energy drinks, alcohol, or certain foods; instead, excise taxes are levied. It has a central banking system that issues the Qatari rial as the national currency while also housing a stock exchange that started trading in 1997 – most people in Qatar identify themselves as Muslim.

Oil & Gas

Qatar’s oil and gas industry is an integral component of its economy, producing and exporting petroleum products, natural gas, petrochemicals, and related petrochemicals to many different countries across the globe – exports totaled an estimated USD 78.5 billion last year alone!

Qatar is one of the world’s leading exporters of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Their LNG supplies contribute significantly to Europe’s industrial sector – nearly 40 percent of total energy usage across Europe is powered by Qatar’s supply. They also compete with Russian gas pipelines in Asian markets.

The North Field Expansion (NFE) project comprises six mega LNG trains. Gas will be produced at QatarEnergy’s existing Qatar Gas Plant (QGP) and then exported worldwide via partnership agreements signed with Total, Eni, ExxonMobil, and Shell for this venture. Qatar’s production of liquefied natural gas is projected to increase 64% by 2027 as production meets rising global energy needs; its reserves may even last another century!


Qatar boasts unique habitats that host rich biodiversity and provide ecosystem services essential for its economy. However, extensive agriculture practiced in these environments could deplete their natural resources and imperil local flora and fauna with great ecological significance.

Qatari government initiatives designed to address food security aim to do just that by increasing the domestic production of crops. This can be accomplished through water-conserving agricultural technologies, improving local food standards and testing procedures, developing an aquaculture industry, and cultivating climate-resilient crops.

Qatar currently imports 90% of its food supplies, leaving it highly susceptible to external supply chain disruptions and blockades imposed by neighboring countries in 2017. These restrictions cut access to essential agricultural inputs, which negatively impacted Qatar’s access to critical inputs for agricultural production.

Qatar can overcome environmental limitations and become an agricultural exporter of high-quality fresh produce thanks to its mild winters, while innovative technology – adapted from proven techniques for use in different climates – can overcome challenges and boost agricultural productivity.


Qatar provides an abundance of transportation services. In addition to taxis, buses, shuttles, and limousine services are also widely available. Some services offer discounts for children and senior citizens, while the bus system provides several smartcard options such as refillable Classic Cards (30 riyals each) and Limited Cards that cover two journeys (10 riyals each). Some buses even feature reclining seats, while visitors can rent private buses for day trips or other events.

NSH Engineering Services have extensive experience in the Middle East and provide an impressive variety of engineering capabilities, with two fully-equipped ASME-approved fabrication shops as well as a dedicated workforce and two fully-equipped ASME-approved fabrication shops onsite. Due to this depth of knowledge, NSH makes for an excellent partner for projects requiring high levels of quality and precision.

NSH’s client roster boasts major international companies like Saudi Aramco, SABIC & its affiliates, ADNOC, Oryx-GTL Sipchem Shell, Exxon Mobil & Total as its major clients. Furthermore, NSH plays an instrumental role in building a world-class infrastructure for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


Qatar only began developing its telecom infrastructure relatively late, installing its first private telephone exchange in 1949. At that time, pearling remained the primary source of income among residents, but after discovering oil, new hope emerged, which sparked efforts to modernize Qatar’s telecommunication infrastructure and increase access.

In 1973, Qatar National Telephone Service (QNTS), established with assistance from Cable & Wireless Ltd, emerged. Soon afterward, it launched an international presence that saw it become one of the leading telecommunication providers throughout the Middle East and worldwide.

Qtel soon understood that its future lay outside Qatar’s domestic market and began investing in overseas markets, eventually winning a license for mobile phone service provision in Oman in 2004.

NSH has developed comprehensive occupational health and safety programs for its projects, which cover such aspects as hazard identification, risk evaluation, training & communication, and document & record control. Their well-equipped workshop and customer care centers ensure we can fulfill any requirement that arises.