Kids Bike Baskets

Kids’ bike baskets can add both style and function to your child’s ride. Front-facing attachments of various sizes and styles come equipped with these baskets.

Our Lil’ Dutchi and Lil’ Roadster bikes feature this perfectly sized rattan basket that hangs from leather straps on their handlebars with ease. Additionally, it can be personalized by adding a solid cherry oval plaque.

1. They Add Style to the Bike

Kids bike baskets add a stylish finishing touch to any bike for your little rider – not to mention make an excellent present for any cyclist in your family!

The Peterboro Child’s Bicycle Basket is an essential addition to any trike or training wheel bike for children. This simple wire-framed basket attaches with hooks to the front of their cycle, making for easy on/off use when not necessary and creating a fun decorative attachment! Add even more flair by personalizing this bike basket with a laser-engraved plaque.

An ordinary bike bag with a handle at the top can add extra storage for your child’s bike in an effortless manner. Bontrager kids bags feature two covered pockets and come in various colors with designs perfect for boys or girls – they even attach securely with Velcro straps!

Woven wicker baskets are an age-old staple and come in various styles and sizes to fit most children’s bikes. Biria offers an excellent selection of kids’ baskets featuring fun emoji designs that will appeal to young riders.

Milk crates are an economical and practical solution that can easily be attached to your children’s bikes with zip ties or adjustable straps, offering your child complete customization by painting or decorating with stickers for an individual look. A child-sized bike pannier may also be more suitable for older riders starting independently, as it will keep essentials such as water and snacks close at hand.

2. They Can Carry Their Favorite Toys

Your children can use a bike basket as a convenient way to transport their favorite toys during bike rides. They can also use it to store lunch, water bottles, and any other essential riding items they might require on their adventure. A basket gives your child the sense that they are becoming increasingly responsible and independent as their equipment travels along.

An adorable car basket can add some flair and fun to your child’s bicycle ride, easily attaching to the front handlebars with multiple colors available for choosing. Your children can express themselves and show off their style while riding around town!

Are your kids’ bikes feeling un-personalized? Make their ride even more customized with a fantastic custom basket featuring their name written on it. Crafted from Nantucket-style wicker with vintage stained finishes that fit seamlessly with their old-school bike look, this easy-to-attach basket fits most kids’ bikes as long as their handlebars don’t lie too low.

Po Campo offers an attractive and functional basket to strap onto their seat when older kids are ready to upgrade from trikes and training wheels, featuring a zippered main pocket, two smaller storage pockets for snacks or small items, as well as a top handle that makes carrying it by hand effortless.

3. They Can Carry Essential Riding Items

Kids’ bike baskets provide an easy and accessible way to store essential riding items, like water bottles and snacks. A bare metal wire basket can easily be attached with hooks and straps over the handlebars or through a bungee loop attached to the head tube, with multiple solid colors to suit both boys’ and girls’ bikes alike. Colorbasket also offers a wicker-style junior basket, which looks more appealing but holds less.

Small baskets equipped with integrated bike racks that fit beneath the seat are an excellent way for children to carry heavy items such as backpacks or snack bags easily while making accessing these more accessible. In addition, this rack can also be attached directly to the rear of your child’s bike for quick access to items.

Portland Design Works’ adorable animal water bottle holders make great additions to any kid’s bike basket, providing easy access to drinking on the move. Mount these cuties on either the side or back of their bicycle and adjust as needed – great for quick drinking breaks while riding!

Reid’s rounded front basket is the ideal accessory to turn bike rides into adventures of exploration and imagination for kids of all sizes, accommodating lunchboxes, dolls, blocks, or any of your child’s prized possessions. Plus, it comes complete with a leather strap for secure attachment to handlebars – it turns bike trips into adventures!

4. They Can Carry Water

If your child needs to bring water with them on a ride, mounting a wire-framed bike basket on their bike’s front handlebars is an easy and stylish solution. It’s even better than just carrying their bottle with them! This accessory doubles up as storage, too – plus, it looks good while riding!

Another option for parents who want to ensure the safety of their children while riding bicycles is a bag equipped with built-in water bottle cages. These bags can hold snacks and toys, while some even feature reflective safety stripes to increase visibility on the road. Ultimately, such bags make sure their children remain secure on the road.

One of the most versatile bike baskets available to children is a wood wicker basket that can be attached either at the rear or front of their bicycles. This sturdy frame supports heavier loads while offering various colors and designs suitable for boys and girls – some even have cute emoji decals!

Metal mesh wicker bicycle baskets can also be attached to either the rear or front handlebars of a kid’s bike, making for an easy installation with just a straightforward strap. It is ideal for older riders who require carrying more gear on longer journeys.

If your child enjoys playing cops and robbers, this attachable police siren will make for the perfect addition to their set. With flashing and non-flashing options as well as a horn, they can be used to scare away any baddies!

5. They Can Carry a Picnic Lunch

Adding a personalized touch to your kid’s bike with an attractive basket or bag is an affordable and functional solution that’s sure to bring them joy while riding. They come in various styles and sizes that fit any child’s unique preferences and needs, providing your ride with extra storage space while riding.

Woven wicker bike baskets are an essential addition to any ride through the park or for picnicking purposes, bringing an element of vintage charm. Plus, these chic bike accessories come in multiple colors, perfect for both boys and girls!

If you’re searching for something more modern, why not opt for a bike basket with an eye-catching design like the Whoosh basket? Specifically designed to reduce parental worries while simultaneously increasing children’s enjoyment, its spacious opening makes room for toys, snacks, and drinks while its straps secure it to bikes with buckles and strong snaps – making for an excellent addition!

One innovative option for small children’s bicycles is a handlebar bag such as the Po Campo Speedy Handlebar Bag. Perfectly tailored for smaller bikes, this versatile bag features three zippered pockets. Easy mounting uses velcro handlebar straps and comes in various fabric designs; additionally, it can even double as cross-body use! It makes an excellent addition to any ride!

6. They Can Add a Personal Touch

An affordable bike basket can add some style and fun to your child’s ride. Available in different colors, sizes, and materials and even decorated with fun themes – it makes an excellent addition!

With some creativity and some old tablecloths and supplies on hand, it is possible to craft your own kid’s bike basket. With just minutes and inexpensive supplies needed for this DIY project, your creation could become your child’s new favorite accessory! This DIY project only takes minutes – perfect if time and budget are an issue!

Add an individual flair and make their bike stand out from the rest by decorating its basket with garland. It is a fun and personal way to express their individuality while making their ride stand out. Just be sure to choose an easy yet secure method of attaching it, such as Velcro straps for smaller baskets or buckles with larger ones.

Add an attachable police siren to your child’s bike basket, and they can make their ride into a cop car! They’ll have hours of fun playing “cops and robbers” while riding along. Easy installation means lots of pretend play while pedaling away! Plus, flashing or non-flashing options give them plenty of opportunities for role-playing fun!