Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs are compatible with many popular streaming services, including Crunchyroll. Although some devices do not support its app directly, you may still use a workaround to access this service.

First, ensure your Samsung TV and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, open a web browser and visit Crunchyroll’s website.

How to install

Crunchyroll could be a must on your Samsung Smart TV if you love anime. The popular streaming app lets you stream anime in HD and keep up-to-date with episodes that air recently. Plus, subscribers have access to exclusive shows and simulcasts! Installing Crunchyroll requires only a few simple steps: ensure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network, launch the Crunchyroll app, select “Airplay”, choose your Samsung TV from the list of available devices, and then choose the video you wish to view on the TV screen before selecting the video that you want to watch on your Samsung Smart TV screen and selecting the video that you want to watch next.

Unless your Samsung smartphone supports AirPlay, third-party apps can quickly help you cast your screen to the TV. This process only requires both devices to be on the same WiFi network; you could also use a gaming console such as a PlayStation or Xbox to accomplish this goal!

One way to access Crunchyroll on a Samsung Smart TV is to connect an appropriate streaming device—Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire Stick are among them—directly to it. A laptop equipped with an HDMI cable may also work to display Crunchyroll.

Plex is another media server you can use to stream Crunchyroll onto your Samsung Smart TV, but this method works best if you already subscribed. Furthermore, using Plex allows multiple devices at the same time to connect.

If you’re searching for an alternative to a Crunchyroll subscription, the Samsung Smart TV provides a convenient means of watching anime and manga titles. Connect your television to a computer via Chromecast, Roku, or Xbox – or mirror its screen using your tablet or smartphone – before streaming your favorite anime onto its screens.

Signing up

The Crunchyroll Samsung TV app is available on Android devices and lets you stream your favorite anime shows directly onto a large screen. Plus, its synchronization functionality enables you to pick up where you left off when using other devices—perfect for watching marathons of shows you may have missed on multiple devices! To begin watching on a Samsung TV connected via an HDMI cable and log into your Crunchyroll account on either a phone or computer, allow a code from it to appear on the screen that needs to be entered on their website to synchronize all devices.

As well as streaming anime, this app provides access to classic manga and movies. You can create a watchlist so that your favorite episodes or shows remain top of mind; however, please remember that not all shows and episodes may be available within this application; some require premium subscription.

Have issues using the Crunchyroll Samsung TV app? Try rebooting or reinstalling. If this doesn’t solve it, contact Crunchyroll’s customer support for help with swift resolution of any issues that may arise.

Crunchyroll is compatible with virtually all smart TVs. To stream anime on a Samsung TV, a fast and reliable Internet connection is necessary, or you can access Crunchyroll through gaming consoles such as PlayStations, Xboxes, or Wii U, which all support Crunchyroll.

Many smartphones now include an easy and intuitive feature called Screen Share that lets you project the smartphone screen onto a television screen. Once you learn how to use Screen Share, Crunchyroll is all yours on the Samsung Smart TV!

It could be network issues if you’re having issues with the Crunchyroll Samsung TV app. Ensure your internet connection is solid and stable, and check for updates in the app store. If problems continue, restart your device or call your service provider immediately.

Streaming anime

Crunchyroll is an excellent place for anime fans and newcomers alike to find the show of their dreams, offering an extensive variety of titles for all tastes. As the premier dedicated anime streaming platform, it also supports English subtitling, making watching more accessible than ever. Samsung Smart TV owners can easily access Crunchyroll using either their phone or tablet connected via HDMI cable; dongles are available both online and at electronics stores alike for this purpose.

Samsung Smart TV’s built-in web browser makes streaming anime effortless, and the Smart Hub app on your television will list compatible applications. You can download Crunchyroll by searching its name in its app store; otherwise, a screen-sharing feature lets you watch your show without being available.

First, to stream Crunchyroll anime onto a Samsung Smart TV, ensure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Next, open the Crunchyroll app on your iPhone and start watching the video; tap the ‘Cast’ option under the menu,, then choose your Samsung TV from the drop-down list of wireless displays; it should locate it quickly!

Even without a Samsung TV equipped with AirPlay, you can still use it to stream anime on your device. First, download and install the Crunchyroll app onto an iOS device, such as an iPad or iPhone, before activating AirPlay and selecting it as a source in the TV control panel.

Another way to stream anime on your Samsung TV is to pair your mobile device with a Chromecast or Android TV box, both of which provide high-quality streaming experiences across various over-the-top apps and are easy to set up and affordable. These devices can also be purchased reasonably, and setup is usually simple.


The Crunchyroll Samsung TV app is an excellent way to watch anime shows. Boasting one of the world’s largest collections, you can stream this content in high definition. Before beginning, ensure your TV model and software version are compatible with Crunchyroll; your internet connectivity should also support this application.

If you’re having difficulty streaming content to your Samsung TV, the issue could be its app or internet connection. To fix the problem, try rebooting the television and reinstalling Crunchyroll’s app; if that fails to help, contact Crunchyroll customer support directly for further help.

Crunchyroll on your Samsung smart TV can be achieved in three straightforward steps. First, ensure your Samsung TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device and open Crunchyroll’s app on it, selecting “AirPlay.” Your device should automatically detect your Samsung TV, so you can start streaming anime series immediately!

Samsung Smart TVs did not initially support the Crunchyroll app natively; however, recently, they updated their devices to add this feature, and now you can enjoy watching Japanese anime on your Samsung Smart TV using an Android phone or tablet and screen-sharing.

The Crunchyroll Samsung TV App requires membership and a premium subscription in order to stream anime shows and movies onto your television screen. Once subscribed, download and install the Crunchyroll Android phone or tablet app onto your Android phone or tablet and connect it to WiFi on the Samsung TV. Open Crunchyroll apps and start watching anime shows you love! Plus, this multilingual platform makes watching your favorite shows more accessible for fans from various cultures worldwide.