Discover App Not Working? 10 Tips to Get It Working Again

Many users have reported their Discover app is either not functioning as expected or is loading very slowly, creating an exasperating experience as this process could take hours before finally updating or loading correctly.

Clearing the app cache may solve this issue quickly and effectively. Doing this should fix most of the problems associated with an app.

1. Clear Cache

If your Discover app is acting strange, clearing its cache may help. The store is a temporary data storage system designed to facilitate faster app performance on mobile phones; however, its corruption may lead to issues. Regular cache clearing should ensure optimal app functioning, as this is a straightforward and quick process that only takes seconds.

Follow these steps to clear out your cache:

Enter Settings, swipe to and tap Apps, search for the app to clear its cache on, tap Storage, and Clear Cache before removing all data stored within that application, but be aware that doing so will delete all relevant data unless backed up beforehand.

Discover provides an easy and hassle-free way to manage your credit card and bank account from anywhere with an internet connection, offering features such as checking your balance, viewing recent activity, making and changing payments, managing rewards, and moreā€”all from the convenience of their mobile app! If something does go amiss, though, these solutions could help remedy it:

Discover Mobile may not be working due to any number of reasons, from minor device issues that can be easily remedied via reboot to issues with Discover servers that become overburdened due to maintenance work or can become overloaded in general.

Try temporarily disabling the Discover feed in the Google app; this might help if someone has disabled it, which might explain why it’s not loading or updating correctly. Just enable the feed within the app to resolve this issue.

If the Discover app still isn’t functioning as intended, uninstalling and reinstalling could help remedy the situation and restore proper operation. If this fails to fix it, contact Discover customer support for further assistance.

2. Restart Your Phone

Google Discover is an invaluable app for keeping up-to-date with news and reading curated content, but sometimes the program stops working, and you cannot access your feed. There are various solutions to fix the issue; in this article, we share ten valuable strategies that may help get Google Discover back in action.

Restarting your phone may help resolve minor glitches on your device. In addition, clearing the cache and updating apps may also work; if none of these solutions do the trick, uninstalling and reinstalling may be required.

Discover could also stop working due to a poor Internet connection, whether caused by slow WiFi networks or mobile data services. Switch between different networks to see if this fixes the issue.

If your problem remains unresolved by other solutions, it could be related to your phone itself. To address this, try switching launchers that support Discover, such as the lite version of Google Go or others compatible with it, until this resolves your issues. If this doesn’t help, clear the cache and restart the phone, as other suggestions might also work.

Your Discover app may have become outdated. In this instance, updating to the most up-to-date version is essential; do this by going to the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone) and downloading its corresponding update.

Discover App Crashes on Opening Unfortunately, many users of the Discover App have reported experiencing issues when opening it, with it frequently crashing upon opening and being very annoying to use. Users have taken to various forums such as eBuzzPro and Reddit, reporting this problem as it persists; many methods were tried, but nothing seems to work.

3. Update the App

Google Discover is an excellent way to stay current on topics that interest you, but occasionally your feed might stop updating. While this can be frustrating, you can take steps to rectify the situation. First, ensure you have a strong internet connection. Check your Wi-Fi signal or mobile data network connection, and if that fails, restart your phone, as sometimes this simple action can resolve even seemingly intractable problems.

Check if the app has access to background data. This step is especially crucial if you use mobile data on your phone. To do this, open up the Settings app and navigate to Google. Within it should be an option for background data usage; ensure this option is turned on so your Discover feed updates automatically!

If clearing the cache and rebooting didn’t fix the problem, updating may be necessary. This can be accomplished by visiting the Google Play Store and searching for the Discover app; once found, download and install its most up-to-date version, after which it should start functioning again.

If all the above methods haven’t worked, contacting Discover for additional help might be worthwhile. They might offer troubleshooting steps or solutions to solve your issue and explain all relevant details so they can give the most beneficial responses possible.

4. Reinstall the App

Discover’s Mobile App is an indispensable way to manage credit card and bank accounts from your smartphone, providing easy access to account balances, payments, and rewards management. In addition, fraud alerts and payment history viewing capabilities help prevent fraud, and an overview of payment histories is also provided. However, sometimes the app may stop working for various reasons. Here are some suggestions on how to remedy that.

1. Clear Cache

The first thing to try if the Discover app isn’t functioning as intended is clearing its cache files. This should help address the issue and restore its proper functionality. To do this, launch your Settings app, navigate to “Apps & notifications” and “Google,” select Google Play Services from there, and clear its cache – this won’t delete any personal data and should fix whatever issue exists with Discover!

2. Restart Your Phone

If the Discover app isn’t functioning as expected, it could be because your Google app’s feed was turned off accidentally. To fix this, tap your profile icon at the top-right corner and select “Google Feed.” This will reactivate the Discover feed so that updates relevant to your interests appear automatically.

3. Upgrade the App

To ensure the Discover app remains functioning efficiently and offers all of its latest features, it’s advisable to update to its latest version regularly by going to the Google Play Store and downloading the newest release of Discover from there.

4. Uninstall and Reinstall the App

If none of these solutions work, uninstalling and reinstalling the Discover app could be necessary to try a fresh start. Taking this approach requires completely wiping it from your device before beginning again with new data stored within it; be sure to back up any personal information beforehand, just in case this step doesn’t help!

Discover is an incredible app that keeps you informed on current news and events, but it can be very frustrating when it’s not working correctly. Luckily, you can take some simple steps to fix the problem and restore Discover as soon as possible.