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Why Safety is Paramount When Using Cutting Tools

    diamond 4.5 blade

    It is obvious that safety is important when using cutting tools. From humble kitchen scissors to a professional power tool equipped with a diamond 4.5 blade, practicing safety at all times is vital,

    Negligent use of any type of cutting tool is a major risk for accidental damage, but the experts at Devour Tools say that when it comes to power tools with spinning blades, the risk is even higher. Taking the right safety precautions then will help to minimize any risk and ensure exacting results no matter what material is being cut.

    Dangers of Not Taking Safety Precautions

    There are many ways in which cutting tools and blades can result in accidental damage. For example, directly touching a sharp blade while mounting it could cause cuts to hands and fingers. It is important therefore to always wear protective gloves when fixing blades to power tools.

    Some people neglect to check the machine or blades before they start cutting, which can also result in injury. If a blade were chipped, for instance, it could mean that sharp pieces of the blade are dispersed during machine operation. It is essential that machinery is checked before use to prevent this from occurring. It is also vital that machine operators wear protective clothing such as a helmet and safety glasses to protect themselves from flying debris. Likewise, protective boots with steel caps are advisable to prevent damage to the feet from flying objects or falling pieces of cut materials.  Those who use power saws should be aware that blades as well as various parts of the machine can get extremely hot during operation. Touching any of the parts directly after use could result in serious burns to the skin, especially for those who are not wearing any protective gloves.

    Something that many people forget about when using cutting tools is the clothing that they wear. It is not uncommon for sparks to fly about when machinery is being operated. Wearing flammable clothing could cause them to ignite. It is important therefore to ensure that clothing is low-flammable and snug-fitting.

    It is also essential that you wear a suitable face mask when using machinery fitted with a diamond blade. This is because of the risk of silica, or silicon dioxide as it is also known. This compound is found in substances such as stone, concrete, tile, and clay. When a diamond blade is used to grind these materials, silica dust is released into the surrounding air. Silica is harmful to humans, so it is important that it is not inhaled. Wet cutting where appropriate will also help to reduce the amount of silica in the air.

    Another type of protective gear that is often overlooked by those who regularly use cutting tools is ear defenders. Prolonged exposure to high noise levels can cause damage to the ear, and some people end up with partial deafness or even full loss of hearing. Wearing earplugs or ear defenders can help to minimize the risk.

    Safe Use of Cutting Tools

    The above are some of the ways that negligence can lead to accidents when using cutting tools and diamond blades. It is important that anyone operating power-cutting tools take safety precautions. Using the right blade for the type of cutting is vital and ensuring that the blade has been mounted correctly will reduce the risk of injury.

    Remember, there are different guidelines to adhere to when using wet and dry cutting, so make sure you are aware of what these are. Make sure that you never dry cut using a wet blade, and vice versa.