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IS Visual Studio Code Ide IS AN AMAZING IDE?

    Visual Studio Code Ide


    Visual Studio Code IDE is a free source code editor for Windows, macOS, and Linux by Microsoft. This source code editor supports debugging syntax highlighting, embedded git, and some more features. 


    Microsoft developed this free source code editor in the year 2015. It is written in TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The size of the Visual Studio Code editor is under 70 MB. This source code editor is available in many languages. It is the most popular developer environment tool used by developers. 


    Visual Studio Code IDE editor can be used with numerous programming languages. An integrated development environment (IDE) is a helpful software that combines standard developer tools in a single graphical user interface (GUI) for building programs or applications. 


    It is a software suite that consolidates essential tools required by developers to write, edit and test software. Visual Studio Code IDE platform is a full-featured IDE that can code, debug, test, edit and deploy at any venue. This IDE is a faster and smarter source code editor. 


    How to install the impressive Visual Studio Code IDE? 

    To install Visual Studio Code on your Windows device, you have to follow these simple steps:


    • Go to the official website of Visual Studio Code and download the executive file from there. 
    • When the download is completed, click on the downloaded file and click on the run button. 
    • After that, accept the terms and conditions and allow some permissions that were asked. 
    • Now click on the “Install” button. 


    That’s all for setting up Visual Studio Code on your device. 


    Unbelievable Features of Visual Studio Code IDE:

    There are some fantastic features of Visual Studio Code IDEwhich have been listed here:


    Multiple Programming languages:

    Visual Studio Code IDEeditor is a code editor that can be used in multiple programming languages. These languages are Java, C++, JavaScript, HTML, Go, and Node.js. This feature allows this source code editor to work with various programming languages. 


    Data collection:

    Visual Studio Code IDEeditor collects all the usage data by the computer and sends it to Microsoft. However, these data can be disabled at any time. This data is then shared with affiliates and subsidiaries of Microsoft. 


    Multiple directories at one time:

    Visual Studio Code IDE allows developers to open one or more directories at a time, which can then be saved in workspaces.


    Version control:

    Visual Studio Code IDEeditor has this fantastic feature of version control. This feature allows users to make the push and pull requests directly from the Visual Studio Code program.



    There are some standard features of IDE tools that are listed here:


    Text editor: Every IDE must have a text editor feature. 

    Debugger: Every IDE mush has debugger tools that identify and remedy errors in source code. 

    Compiler: These tools are used to convert programming language into machine language. To be an IDE, the editor must have a compiler tool. 

    Code completion: This tool is used to identify and insert standard code components. 

    Integrations and plugins: Every IDE must be an integrated and development portal. 



    We can say that the Visual Studio Code IDEeditor is an IDE from all the above features mentioned here. Visual Studio Code is not integrated at all. You have to download from the extension store and use it. So, we can say Visual Studio Code IDE will be the better option for you.


    Is Visual Studio Code free for all it's the user?

    Yes, Visual Studio Code IDE is free for all it's using either private or commercial.

    Does an IDE require records and reports?

    Yes, an IDE requires records and reports.

    Which OSs are supported in Visual Studio Code?

    Visual Studio Code IDE supports and runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.