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Using Twitter to Connect With Shoppers

    How to Use Twitter

    The “micro-blogging” service Twits has become more mainstream ever since the company’s inception in 2006. Twits users now number very well into the millions, with no symptoms of slowing growth. While Twits is most popular on the Gulf Coast, users are rapidly scattering worldwide. Companies are locating many creative ways to work with Twitter to benefit their corporations: to run promotions, provide excellent customer service, get product opinions, manage their brands and also perform market research.


    Businesses are using Twitter as a means to roll out cheap yet effective promotions. One such business, Whole Foods Market, is Twitter heavily to connect with customers. Whole Foods’ Tweets account has become a valuable means for the company to market specific providers to boost store sales.

    Complete Foods runs a weekly Twitter promotion where they will “Tweet” (or send) any passphrase and a specific store location; the first few people who go to that place and give the password obtain a $25 store gift. A different way to earn a $25 present certificate is the “Tweet from the Day”. Whole Foods screens all of the Tweets about all of them using the Twitter search device. Each day, the particularly funny or fascinating Tweet wins the prize, using the Twitter user receiving an immediate message alerting them that they have won.

    At this time, Whole Meals has more than 2 nine hundred followers on Twitter. I believe that Twitter is an excellent area for larger companies to market and interact with since their customers are actively searching for it. Whole Foods’ massive number of followers have made the conscious decision to follow Whole Food on Twitter. They want to know what is happening and what is brand-new at Whole Foods. Like signing up for an email-based newsletter, people are far more apt to simply follow an individual on Twitter because it does not fill their inboxes. And when they have a question, they can obtain a personal response instead of a stale e-mail reply.

    Individually, during a recent salmonella poisoning scare in Georgia, We direct-messaged Whole Foods as well as asked what they were performing to help protect against the problem within their stores. I received an immediate response three hours later on. What an excellent customer service encounter! They provided exactly the info I was looking for and showed the power of reaching out to customers.

    Customer support

    Many businesses are adopting Bebo as a means of providing customer satisfaction. On the flip side, consumers are finding that, frequently, Twitter is the best way to get in touch with large companies whose customer satisfaction sometimes tends to lack. Comcast, for instance, is having success applying Twitter better to address their very own customers’ concerns and troubles. The most famous situation involves Comcast and TechCrunch blogger Meters Arrington. Frustrated that the service had been out all the time, Arrington eventually lost the cool and began angrily Twittering his frustrations. In 20 minutes, he was contacted by a Twitter executive spectacular problem was resolved. Arrington can indeed be influential, which may have helped his cause; however, every day, Comcast assists plenty of lesser-known customers, too. Comcast reports receiving millions of calls daily from customers looking for help.

    On the other hand, the 10-member Comcast group that manages Twitter and other social networks help about one hundred customers a day. Consequently, the actual Comcast reps managing their own Twitter account can tackle the problem better and give a fast solution. Other large businesses are also using Twitter to address customer service issues, including Southwest Air, Home Lager and Dell. Are customers on Twitter? If the West Coast powers you, the likelihood is yes. If not, or maybe if you don’t know, go to the Bebo search tool and search for your company’s name and products.

    Maybe some potential prospects are out there. Try seeking some of the services you present. If you find some people in the Twitter universe talking about your corporation or services, join the conversation and watch the amount they appreciate the person speaking to.

    Brand Management and Researching the market

    What if finding out what your clients are saying about your service or product had been as easy as typing in your business name or product into a lookup bar? Once you searched, you had been met with real clients talking in real time about your organization and products. With Tweet, this is possible. Using the lookup tool, you can search all the Twitter posts made by every user within the Twitter network in real-time. This is often a powerful way for your company to leverage your brand on the internet. Imagine rolling out a brand new product and seeing how the public is getting it instantly.

    You can see what exactly they are saying. If your customers are receiving any problems, you will know instantly and can send them some text on how best to answer their issues. You can even establish a personalized system to alert you via email-based if someone Tweets about your firm using Tweet Scan. Desire to find out what people are saying regarding the competition? Use the same look-for tools to type in your own personal competitors’ names and see when there might be something you could use in your favour. Find out what people like or don’t like about their products or services. Find out what their customers like and think about implementing it yourself. Even though you can’t find someone speaking about your company or services these days, they will likely be later.

    Your company needs to be prepared when Twitter is used much more widely during the day. I would strongly motivate you to go to Twitter with the least sign-ups, your company having a handle (Twitter account name) that will protect your brand name in the future. When creating your accounts, you can modify your accounts page to have the same look and colour scheme as your website. You wouldn’t want anyone to use your company’s name as a handle and spread awful or unauthorized information while Twitter grows.

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