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Why the Voux Theme is the best theme for magazines?

    The Voux Theme


    The Voux Theme is a modern top quality, clean, stylish, and professional magazine style WordPress theme. The theme is a comprehensive magazine WordPress theme. This theme is perfect for those who are looking for a modern magazine layout. 


    It is an entirely customizable WordPress theme with all the design elements and the blocks. It comes with endless layout options that are valuable for the money invested in it. 


    The voux theme is one of the best authors’ best pieces on Themeforest – fuel themes. The Voux theme is designed with absolute attention to detail every bit like style, weight, build quality, and speed. 


    The design of the voux theme is clean, modern, and attractive. This fantastic and beautiful Voeux theme can easily change the overall look and feel of your WordPress site. Now we have all the necessary and essential information about this the vox article, so let’s discuss its installation, essential features, and downsides.


    How to install The Impressive Voux Theme?

    The installation process of the Voux Theme is straightforward. The Voux comes with a sidekick, a service that works from any dashboards and provides interactive guides to install your voux theme. There are several options to install the theme:


    Install your theme from WordPress-

    • After purchasing Themeforest, you need to download the voux article following some simple steps.

    Install your theme via FTP/SFTP:

    • If you prefer to install themes from FTP/SFTP, then you can install them from it. First, you need to install FTP and then log in with information. Then you can browse the voux and install it.

    Install your voux theme with the Envato market plugin:

    • Download the Envato market plugin after installing your theme. Then navigate to plugin and ‘add new’ and click on upload plugin. Then install it and activate it. After it, you need to save your token with some simple steps. Then search and install the Voux theme, and that’s it.


    Unbelievable Features of the Voux Theme:

    The Voux Theme offers various features that will make it unique and the best theme for magazines. Here we have listed for you some of the fantastic features of The Voux Theme:


    Various stylish article pages:

    • Every magazine wants to showcase its content with different and elegant article pages. The Voux Theme offers a variety of sleek article pages such as:


    • Cover image article page
    • Small featured image article page
    • Significant featured image article page
    • Medium featured image article page
    • Reviews article page
    • Fullscreen galleries article pages.
    • Provides proper ads system:


    The Voux themes provide the proper area to add ads to your magazine website. This feature lets you add ads anywhere you want to monetize your magazine website.

     Support WooCommerce:

    • The Voux Theme comes with the support of woo commerce, which will help you set up your commerce-related content in a proper monetizing way.


    Load easily:

    • The voux theme is completely responsive and will download on any screen without any issue of loading. Voux Theme also helps to gain SEO score on the websites in Google.

     Infinite scroll: 

    • The Voux Theme comes with endless scroll support, which means you can scroll infinitely on Vaux Theme Website. 


    Secret Downsides of Voux Theme:

    There are some cons of Voux Themes as:

    • Not user friendly
    • Admin panel can confuse users. 



    The Vaux theme is one of the best and unique articles for magazines from WordPress. The support and documentation of this theme also look good. It is considered the best one in terms of brilliant design ideas. 


    How to find the purchase code for Voux Theme?

    You can easily find the purchase code in the download section of ThemeForest.

    Does Voux Theme come with high resolution?

    Yes, The Voux Theme comes with high resolutions.