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The best way to Increase Your Sales – The best way to Close Every Time

    How to Increase Your Sales

    In this post, I must explore some fundamental sales principles and how to raise your sales success. This method is best employed in software or technology; it includes not bee used with earnings, so I don’t know how it functions. However, I’ve been using this method throughout the software for the past 7 years using great success. This method is simply not a new type of rocket scientific research; it is not something you are not acquainted with if you have been in sales for a while with success.

    Who am I not?

    I am an MBA product sales manager at a software organization focusing on creating software programs for the gaming industry, mainly Lottery, Casinos, and sports betting. I have already been using this method to create new clients, collect leads, make the most of my period by selecting which leads to follow and which not, and grow my closing rate. The usual sales cycle within the company I am working in now could be about 1 year or more which means this method is helpful for long-term sales. This is perhaps not necessarily the best method in sales, which occurs many times a day, for instance, in retail.

    The sales course of action

    First, let me say that My spouse and I view the sales activity as a process. If you follow several fundamental steps, you improve the likelihood of closing the sale. Throughout sales, nothing is guaranteed, but More than likely that if you follow these requisite steps, you will increase the chances of closing a sale.

    Sales task is a process – its bets run with some venture management skills. You need to define a plan of action that could take a long time to perform, and some of the steps you have to repeat until a wished result has been achieved; however, it is a process in my mind — not some genetically passed down skill of either you can sell or not! Everybody can market – with outstanding achievement – they just need to comply with a simple process that realistically moves the prospect from moderate interest in your solution to circumstances of desire to give you cash for the service. If prospective customers are unwilling to part with their funds for your solution, you are not selling anything. The task here shows you how to take those prospects to this stage exactly where they want to give you the money.

    Basic principles – finding the prospects.

    Getting potential clients is a task each salesperson needs to master. If you fail to get the attention of potential prospects, you will not have any success in selling anything at all. So the first step is to discover customers. How do you do this? Based on your market, you should research here, trying to find the actual businesses to which you would like to sell your services or products.

    Make a list of dream buyers.
    Make a list of second-ideal customers
    Study your competitor’s customers – make a list

    When I state a list of customers, I mean labels of people and contacts – the two e-mails and telephone amounts. It is not an excellent policy to deliver e-mails to e-mail includes like “info@abc. com” or perhaps anything like that. This is gonna get you nowhere. You need to develop a good list of 100 organizations and their contacts. In my experience, I target Marketing business owners and Salespeople – if possible C level – as well as high up as likely. In the software industry, as well as when selling technological know-how, I have never called the complex department. This is, of course, not applicable to every situation; nevertheless, in my experience, the technical department will usually tell you no to begin with.

    Why? Because they will probably view every new part of technology or software since additional work – and thus more problems – and also from an operational standpoint that may be probably true. So they may turn you down, but the sales and marketing folks will always want to hear how to increase sales or fix some other problem they often have.

    Getting the leads

    Identifying the challenge your solution or solution solves is crucial in this means of sales. Put a lot of doing the job into finding out what complications this product solves for your recent clients. If you don’t have any, obtain why this product or alternative was made in the first place. Use this fact to create a letter (e-mail) to be able to send to your potential customers. That letter is supposed to generate affinity for your product or alternative.

    Formulate the letter in the following manner:


    Collection of the problem some of your customers acquired (similar companies) – three or more items
    Explain how you resolved this problem
    Offer them to have the very same problems solved in their business.
    Coming up with problems to solve is a work of creation: you need to be creative here. Discover a few customers ready to give you a statement of exactly why they bought from you to start with. What problems did an individual solution for them? My guess is the fact similar companies have issues that they need solving. Understand the information in your letter.

    Getting qualified the sales lead

    Make sure that Nokia’s on your list are within your marketing criteria. Don’t be tied to following some hot sales opportunities that you are never going to sell to help because of legal, environmental, governmental, financial, or whatever different reason you need to have to be able to come to be your customer. If the causes are financial, the prospective client must have an inevitable turnover annually, etc. Make sure you know the business in question, study its site, read their newsletter: become an expert in its products/services, and try an understand how it will function. This is what I phone, qualifying the prospect. I generate harsh cuts here to help my list just to ensure that I am putting my time frame into valuable prospects.

    If this is done, get your notification out the door in reasonable portions – 10 or 12-15 at a time. And make sure you phone a call to EACH EACH ONE OF THEM! Just call these. The letter itself will not drive the prospects to you personally – you have to call them or visit them or perhaps whatever. You must get to the face one way or the other.

    Make sure you understand the problem.

    Now you possess sent your letter in addition to making the call, and the potential customer is on the line, or you possess a meeting. Do me a prefer – leave PowerPoint in your own home. People who use powerpoint out sell never sell anything at all. The sales process starts with a conversation. The point of the conversation is to find out to you can about your client. You may begin with a short outline of your company and its companies – in general terms (PowerPoint if the client seems worried) – but make sure you never use the 1 hour you get using him/her in talking.

    You wish to make the prospect talk. There may be one fireproof way to do this – ask questions! This is where your study of the company switches in – you should draw up a list of questions related to the organization or the situation and make sure you realize the problem they have perfectly — this is not the time to sell — don’t sell here! Simply listen and ask questions. 1 man said to me as soon as “Do you know why sales reps have one mouth but 2 ears? ”

    I am sure you’ve got the sales job since you also have the gift of distance – but in this step, you must just listen – find out. Prospects will tell you a lot, and they will even tell you tips on how to sell to their company. Salespeople are always beneficial.

    Be sure the solution fits the problem.

    This stage is a rinse and repeat. You must ask all your questions about their business and their problem. At some point, you are likely to solve this problem. But you must ensure you get their problem recognized and agreed upon. The prospect has to accept this problem he has. As soon as he has done that or perhaps a list of a few problems — you can start using your treatment to solve every one of these. The conversation should be like, “… if I can teach you how this problem can be sorted out will you take seriously examine our solution”. The point is to make him say “go” to explore your answer further and give you a chance involving proving that he is solved with your solution. This could take a few meetings.

    And acquire it in writing. After the initial meeting, make sure you get together with minutes where you state everything decided in the meeting or even conversation, especially since the potential customer has admitted his issue and accepted to explore your solution further. Depending on the degree of complexity, this could be a few conference and phone conversations too. I’ve had prospects that took months to determine the problem and ensure the answer fits.

    Now you go back to your team and get them linked to show proof that your answer can solve the prospective customer’s problem. Here is a good idea to perform a schedule – like a review period. Get this schedule resolved with the prospect and get him or her to agree to it rapid he will if he made it to hand.

    OK, so now we are below:

    the problem is identified
    the solution to the problem has been found
    Right now, he wants to know how a lot it costs. Sure, this particular stage is always a little tricky, but I have found a great way to go around the embarrassing “offer as well as pray” situation that I used to get into. But before you give them the actual numbers….. you need one more thing access to decision-makers.

    Progressing to decision-makers

    They are not likely to get the price unless you present it yourself to the actual guy or the committee that makes the final decision. This is crucial to keep in control of the actual sales process. Remember that as soon as you provide them with the numbers, you lose charge of the process. How will you get to the actual decision creators? Again you ask, ” will you be the guy who chooses this? ” If zero, it is not unreasonable to ask when you could deliver the offer on your own; you are the best in telling you the offer, etc.

    After you get to the actual decision creators, make sure they identify with the condition and accept it. Whenever they do not, your solution is not necessarily solving anything for them sama dengan no sale.

    How to make a free front-end offer they cannot refuse

    In making the offer itself, I always use the trick I discovered in the book Solution Marketing – sit down with your potential customer – in a pre-proposal conference and create the offer with him. Show him the actual numbers and how you make the actual offer. Tell him you are going through the offer and would like his opinion on some points. Then you sit down together, show him the written version of the offer, and go over some items. Frequently, almost always, he will make becomes the offer – possibly take this thing out or maybe lower this number or maybe whatever. Here you need to stand firm on sensitive issues rapid don’t sell out.

    Final the sale

    Now you deliver the present. It is an offer that is bulletproof. It is a solution to sending out the biggest problem, and it is planning to help them earn more money. If you can start a return on an investment plan, that would be dynamite, but the reality is that you cannot often do that. Now you meet the judgment makers and present your event and the offer they have helped create. Chances are they will recognize it since they helped you create it.

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