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Which one is better, Sublime Text Notepad or Notepad Text Editor?

    Sublime Text Notepad


    Sublime Text Notepadis an impressive text and source code editor. It is a cross-platform editor with a python API (Application programming interface). This text editor supports several programming and markup languages. 


    Sublime Text Notepad is a sophisticated text and source code editor whose functions can be added by plugin users and maintained with free software licenses. Developers widely use this text and source code editor.


    On the other hand, Notepad is also a simple text editor only for Microsoft Windows. It is an introductory text and source code editing program which enables Microsoft Windows Users to create documents. 


    Notepad editor comes in a compact package with powerful editing components. This is a completely free online text and source code editor. It is translated into over 80 languages, which allows all peoples from the world to use it.




    Sublime Text Notepad-

    Sublime Text comes with some fantastic features, which are listed here:


    Syntax Highlighting:

    This text editor supports syntax highlighting for a variety of languages. This editor features a large amount of code to highlight specific items or item types and denote them with a different colour, background, or font.



    The sublime text notepad editor runs on multiple devices such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

    Various coding Features. Sublime Text offers various coding features such as autocompletion, code folding, and finds and replace.


    Editing features:

    Sublime Text has some unique editing features such as collaborative editing, language support, and selection methods. 



    Sublime Text has three more features, which are extensibility, cross-platform support, and plugins and integrations. 



    Sublime Text Notepadensures that the application itself is protected and assures data interact with third-party plugins or integrations. This also does not allow for unapproved access or privilege escalation.


    Notepad Text editor:

    Notepad Text editor comes with some fantastic features, which are listed here:


    Inserting time and data:

    Notepad Text editor has a feature that allows inserting time and data every time automatically. 


    User Definite Languages:

    Notepad Text Editor comes with many language mixers. This feature allows syntax highlighting to Text and codes.


    Find and replace functions:

    Notepad Text Editor features find and replace functions, allowing them to find and replace heavy and bulk files. These features help to find and replace instantly in Windows.


    Save all:

    Notepad Text Editor has this fantastic feature that saves all the opened files in just one click. 



    Cons of The Sublime Text-

    Complicated plugins

    Confuse large document formats.

    The auto-saving option for documents is missing.

    Highlighting Text is missing.

    It isn’t effortless comparing features.


    Cons of The NotePad Text:

    Confusing options.

    I Incorporated WordPress core functions.

    Doesn’t support Mac and Linux.

    Not suitable for bulk file users.

    I am not working with XML.



    Sublime Text Notepad is suitable for heavy coders and developers with some great community themes available. Users will enjoy the shortcut functionality with customization. 


    Whereas, The Notepad Editor is ideal for beginners who need a text editor. Notepad Editor also has some features for advanced users. Notepad users will enjoy the bulk find and replacement features.


    How to run a code in Sublime Text?

    To run a code on Sublime Text, press on command >tools> built.

    Is Sublime UI customizable?

    Yes, The Sublime UI is customizable.

    Can Sublime Text be used free?

    The latest version of Sublime Text can be used free.

    Is Notepad Text Editor good for Python?

    The Notepad editor is suitable for Python but not the best. It does not function very well with Python.

    Is the Notepad editor compatible with Mac?

    No, the Notepad Text Editor is not compatible with Mac.