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Smartmag Theme – Your Extraordinary guide on Smartmag Theme

    Smartmag Theme

    Smartmag theme history.

    SmartMag is an elegant premium WordPress theme created by Themesphere, author of Envato Elite, in February 2014. To find out more about udyamoldisgold click here.

    The template is designed with attention to detail to fit every news, journal, or magazine website. SmartMag comes with a well-structured hierarchy of settings and packs together all the resources you need to help you build a gorgeous platform.

    This theme has a range of dedicated functions, such as different skins, custom columns, predefined templates, numerous menus, and post types.

    More about the theme.

    SmartMag is a clean and sensitive WordPress theme that is perfect for online magazines, news websites, or blogs. This strong magazine and news WordPress theme can be used if you’re trying to introduce live online fashion magazines, tech magazines, trends, or something else.

    This versatile and modern magazine design provides a multi-page material slider to view the articles popularly and enticingly.

    Other fantastic features of this gorgeous WordPress news and magazine-style include super menus, multiple interface choices, an automated rating system, and a built-in WooCommerce service if you’d want to add an online shop to your magazine’s website.

    The design of the Smartmag theme.

    With modern and minimal lines, SmartMag is a stunning WordPress product that captures your attention. The Themesphere author has made the theme interface compliant and retina ready so that the contents of the website can be beautifully viewed on all types of screens.

    The SmartMag theme is also retina ready for logos, and the navigation logo can be sticky if this feature is allowed. You may opt to add a full width or a boxed general interface design to the pages.

    Smartmag Theme comes with additional setup options for specific posts and sites. You may use the New, Classic, or Regular interface and set the correct sidebar. If you want to get reviews immediately, you can allow ‘Check Settings.’ This helps visitors to rate the content with points, stars, or percentages.

    If you like to create innovative websites, you’ll be happy to know that Smartmag comes with a custom Page Creator that helps you to replicate the style of a page and insert it into the same or another page. Also, more than ten widgets can be used as elements of the Page Creator.

    Each site has menus, but the beauty of SmartMag is that links and categories should have the Megamenu option enabled: ‘Mega menu for links’ and ‘Category Megamenu.’ With custom lightboxes, picture galleries, and a rating system, all the users will be happy to receive your awesome posts. Even, the menus and sidebars can be sticky with SmartMag.

    Smartmag Theme has a nice typography scheme and offers you the ability to select from custom Typekit and Google Fonts to style your content. If you want to see how the font you want feels, you can preview it from the Google Fonts Directory.

    Downsides and Performance.

    Time has been a valuable asset. We respect the advantages of a commodity, but we also measure it by the speed at which the product is delivered.

    I’ve checked the default SmartMag demo on a variety of page speed checks, and it loads content very easily.

    The Smartmag Theme panel could use a refresh with more customization options. There is no framework for post views, and there is no masonry style. And if you can make video updates, you cannot add a video playlist to your website.


    Can I change the skin in Smartmag Theme?