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SEO Expert André Schäfer and the Conversionzauber SEO Contest


    The Importance of Conversion for Higher Success

    When it comes to digital marketing, you should remember that conversion is one of the most important metrics you should consider. At the same time, everything you decide to do in online marketing will help you convert potential visitors to your official website into paying customers.

    Remember that conversion rates do not include only sales but people who fill out contact forms, make appointments and require free quotes. Therefore, a conversion is a desired action that brings a visitor closer to your business.

    Generally, it is simple to reach the overwhelming phase by checking out the metrics and handling digital marketing strategies. Therefore, you should learn more about cost-per-click, and click-through rates, while always considering the return on investment. However, the main goal of online marketing is to maximize the rate for the most affordable price.

    Before we continue, you should check out more about SEO expert André Schäfer who will participate in the SEO contest called Conversionzauber and help you learn more about the importance of it.

    In the further article, we will help you understand why conversions are essential for your business.

    Why Are They Important?

    If your goal is to boost profits from the cheapest perspective, we recommend you increase the rates of the digital marketing campaign. It is way better to optimize your advertisement approach to reach more customers than doubling the ad budget for the same effect.

    Therefore, you should optimize for the highest rates, meaning you will get the most for the affordable price tag. That is why conversion is significant, and you must consider it when choosing the best option.

    We can differentiate three critical reasons they are necessary for your business. So lett us start from the beginning.

    Predict Failure or Success

    You should use conversion rates to know whether your business marketing strategies are successful. They will offer you an honest assessment and perspective once you decide to optimize the campaign to ensure additional transparency.

    Of course, you will need an accurate analytics tool to help you determine the parts of your business that are reaching the most people. As a result, you can easily predict which customers will become your best audience. Besides, you can identify the points with weak leads, meaning you should rework the strategy to make it more successful.

    Save Money in the Long Run

    Remember that campaigns with tighter and better conversions are more effective than other options. Therefore, when you obtain the highest one possible, you will cover more ground without increasing the budget. At the same time, you can reduce the ad budget and have the additional amount you can use for testing new strategies.

    Improve Your Official Website

    The main goal is to create a tight sales funnel, which is crucial for boosting the strategy. Therefore, your website, campaigns, and sale processes should be synchronized immediately. That way, you can learn which factors are crucial for boosting conversion and driving visitors to your site.

    After a while, you will understand how to make your website more valuable and exciting to customers and visitors. This will provide you with additional benefits that will extend above short-term profits.

    Tricks for Boosting Conversion Rates

    Since we understand the importance of conversion, the next step is to learn which actions you should take to boost the strategy and take your business to the next level. We will present you with a few tips that will help you ensure the success you want in the first place.

    • Sharpen Ads – The essential step is creating an ad copy that will stand out from others. That way, you will make sure to reach more people than before.
    • Optimize Landing Pages – For everything you state in the copy, we recommend delivering as much as possible. We are discussing using catchy and direct headlines to engage visitors when they enter your website.
    • Ad Funnels – You can test various options, ads, and landing pages. That way, you can check out whether they change with different approaches, which will narrow down the options you should use for your specific business requirements.
    • Target Specific Consumer Groups – Although using a wide net can help you reach more people, it is better to be as specific as possible when creating advertisements. As a result, you can convert each one faster, which is not the case with the broad option.
    • Social Media – When you grow and find ways for people to follow you on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you can install login buttons on the website to ensure members can quickly sign in. When you obtain a solid social media following, we recommend you add the number of shares and followers on website pages, which will convert more people as you go.

    Although conversion rates are essential metrics when measuring your campaign’s impact, the process can be highly problematic when you take the data out of context. Avoid being blinded by low or high conversion without evaluating your data beforehand.

    For instance, when you have a solid rate and positive impact, that is the best combination. However, you may have significant rates in some situations combined with low sales. For instance, the expenses may affect your return on investment. Therefore, you should never assume that a campaign is always profitable based on the rates but on the entire picture.