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Parler Social Media Review – Extraordinary App For Adults

    Parler Social Media Review


    Parler Social Media Review – Parler is another social media app that gives you a platform to share your views and thoughts. Parler was founded in 2018 by Mr. John Matze Jr., Mr. Jared Thomson, and Ms. Rebekah Mercer. From the moment it got on play Store and Apple stores, it went viral on the internet. It had almost 20 million users as of January 2021, a huge milestone to achieve within the timespan of two years only.

    Journalists have always shown Parler an alternative to Twitter for you to add those banned hashtags and content or oppose those moderation policies.

    However, recently Parler has been in many controversies due to its breach of terms and conditions and privacy policies. Both Google And Apple have removed the Parler from Play Store and Apple Store, respectively. Amazon Web Services, which was providing hosting services to them, also canceled their contract with them.

    The prime reason behind it was how they were not taking enough measures against the content inciting violence. We are sharing our Parler Social Media Review for your better understanding.

    Parler Social Media Review – Content

    The content of Parler has always been different and open than others. As per Parler’s suggestion, children under the age of 17 should not be using Parler due to the type of content released on this platform. Some people used to put posts that would contain wrong information or conspiracy theories. However, Parler had said that they do not fact-check posts on their platform. The CEO of Parler, Mr. John Matze, says that he was not surprised to see antisemitic content going viral on that platform.

    He thought that removing these hateful comments or posts will only radicalize people. As per his opinion, these people need to be open on the internet for us to fight against them and educate them together. He further added that we should not corner these people on the internet where they cannot be proven wrong. It only boosts their behavior and unhealthy environment for the society.

    Parler Social Media Review – Features

    You can see Parler as a microblogging service for users to broadcast their opinions. The other platforms work more on algorithms, but Parler would show posts in chronological order. It went easy on people to be identified by their followers. The limit of Parler was 1000 characters, and users can vote or echo to express their judgment of the post.

    Besides, the users also had an option to privately message each other through the “Direct Messaging” feature. There were different badges of verification on this account, like golden badges for public figures, purple badges for parody accounts, and red badges for people who verified themselves through government-issued photo identification.

    Parler Social Media Review – Positive And Negative Testimonials


    Parler Social Media Review


    Parler Social Media Review


    Going through our Parler Social Media Review, you must have understood that this app is best suited for adults. Several theories go viral on it that may influence them in the wrong direction. As for adults, it is more like Twitter without moderation policies. It is more welcoming to the different harsh opinions than any other platform. You can freely share your beliefs on this platform and also participate in other’s posts. It can be a debatable yet educational app if used correctly.


    Where is the headquarters of Parler?

    The headquarters of Parler is at Henderson, Nevada.

    How can I contact Parler via Email?

    You can Email Parler at

    Who is the owner of Parler?

    The owner of Parler is Mr. Jared Thomson and Ms. Rebekah Mercer.