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News Mag Theme review: Your best guide

    News Mag Theme

    News Mag theme is a new WordPress theme that helps you to compose articles and blog posts quickly. We’re providing fantastic support and polite assistance! To find out more about reviewsis click here.

    The News Mag Theme design is excellent for news, magazines, publishing, or review pages. It also supports YouTube videos and features a ranking system. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s short, clear, and easy to use. Also, News mag is funding responsive to Google Advertising and AdSense.

    If you want to build blog posts and articles with ease, the WordPress Premium News Mag Theme will undoubtedly be your tool. It was developed in November 2014 by tagDiv, Envato Power Elite Blogger, for news, newspaper, magazine websites.

    The developers of News Mag have created a very flexible design, with varying formats, beautiful prototypes, dedicated features, and numerous options to fine-tune your platform. This theme is also a perfect choice if you’re looking to monetize your platform with sensitive Google Advertising and AdSense.

    Viewers love News Mag Theme.

    The template also provides a built-in Slider Gallery that shows images with distinct width aspect ratios and helps you write a definition and copyright details for each image.

    Another way to creatively impress your guests is to highlight your work in style. News Mag theme comes with a custom-built lightbox and offers a fantastic interface for the users.

    You should also post videos on YouTube or Vimeo with your posts. The theme lets you set the video as a featured one and instantly installs the video picture thumbnail from YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.

    The compatibility with Google AdSense.

    Through an automated size adjustment system and ten predefined ad spots, you can include AdSense and non-AdSense ads on your website to maximize your sales.

    You’ll probably be glad to hear that the Translation Panel still works! It comes filled with over 90 translations that can be loaded with a single touch.


    Speed is a measure of rating. If your website’s pace is low, you might want to consider optimizing your blog for efficiency and volume. Here’s the reason.

    A 1-second delay in loading time can result in a lack of sales if you run an online store. If you’re running a content blog, people will be leaving the website. This is going to give a lousy submission to Google, and you’re going to lose ranking!

    News Mag theme has been optimized, protected coding that will help you maximize space.

    You can also use any caching plugin like WP Rocket, WP Mega Cache, WP Fastest Cache. Again, try testing for ShortPixel or WP Smush.


    Is there AMP in News Mag?

    Yeah, AMP-enabled web pages would load 5xx faster on cell phones. We've found why most users use AMP on their website. There are too many plugins available within WordPress to use AMP. tagDiv has a custom one! By using the tagDiv AMP WordPress plugin, you'll be able to implement an AMP on your blog. What you need is to update and enable it. You will customize your AMP pages from your theme panel. Like post forms, colors, and so on... Nice and simple! I'm pretty sure the AMP sites would rate higher on the results of your smartphone search.

    Is News Mag theme good for newbies?

    Newbies can create pages only by moving blocks to pages and customizing the CSS without any coding experience, while experienced users can quickly modify anything in a few minutes and develop intricate page architecture. All are in love with entertaining stories! Now, you can build new posts and make individual design changes.