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    Google Web Designer Banner


    Google Web Designer Banner is web software applicable for Windows, Mac, and Linux from Google creating engaging HTML5 Ads and other HTML5 content. It provides a Google User Interface (GUI) with simple design tools. The main motive behind Google Web Designer Banner is to create attractive banners for Digital Marketing.


    How is Google Web Designer Banner as software?

    As per the user reviews, if you need a simple and effective way to design an advertisement for digital marketing or any other web-related ads, Google Web Designer Banner should always be at the top of your preference.


    Unlike its name, Google Web Designer is not 100% a web-design application. The prime focus is designing HTML5-based advertisements. The user interface used in Google Web Design Banner is in-between the characteristics of a video-editor and a web-design software.


    How does it work?

    You need to install the software before you start working on it. After installation, you can start with a new project from scratch, continue with an existing advertisement banner, or use the templates already available in the application. There are many templates you can choose from for yourself. If you have no idea about the software, you can select any one of the templates, go through their description, and understand their uses. The software gives you an idea about the compatibility of templates with your device.


    Google Web Designer Banner has an advanced search option to narrow down your need as per your requirement. You can get templates of specific designs, sizes, and formats to search. When working on a project from scratch, you need to select the ‘new’ option from the startup menu. The software creates a default file in the name of ‘Banner ‘with various template types made available to you. You need to select your advertisement type, the size, and the nature of the advertisement. Once you select all the required elements, an interface will appear on the screen to start your work.




    The workspace given is spacious and comfortable to work in anytime. It has attractive features like free-floating windows, tab reordering, resizing groups, increasing and decreasing panels into groups, and more. To sum up the interface features, the software provides the users a flexible platform to work.



    With Google Web Designer Banner software, you can animate objects on the screen. The software can animate in 3-D as well.



    Once you complete your project, you can preview your design. On selecting the preview option, Google Web Designer activates the advertisement. The Ad Validator keeps track of your project and other necessary components. It also provides suggestions regarding your project.

    With the help of Google Web Designer Banner, you can create attractive and interactive HTML5 content. You can use tools, such as Text TOOL, Google Web Fonts, Pen Tool, 3-D tool, and others. You can also materialize your creativity and bring it to life with available animation and interactive elements. The software lets you interact with other Google products, like Google Ads, Display & Video 360, and Google Drive.

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    What is the advantage of using Google Web Design Banner?

    Google Web Design Banner is free web-based design software. It is simple and takes a couple of minutes to get hold of it. Moreover, it is a multi-platform software with a very flexible interface to work.

    What is the disadvantage of using Google Web Design Banner?

    Some of its disadvantages are that the key-framing is not much clearer, and it does not abide by the Mac UIG. Though Google Web Designer Banner works with assets, it does not create assets of its own.