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Giant TV? Problem Solved

    Over Sized TV

    Currently, it is more affordable than ever to acquire a large TV. The market has usually become more competitive, evoking the prices of flat monitor TVs to drop to very affordable rates. In addition to losing in price, television sets are also growing in size. While this combination may be pleasing for many, it poses a problem for individuals when it comes to the room’s aesthetics. Unfortunately, TVs have become the Achilles’ back heel of home decor.

    What are a few supposed to do when one of them usually spends hours meticulously designing and decorating their home? The other comes home with a 50″, 60″, 70″or even a 100″ TELEVISION that clashes with the entire design. How can you position the television in a place where it’s comfortable to watch, but the focal eyesore on the entire room, or a whole lot worse, dominates the room? It seems impossible, but believe it or not, there is a straightforward solution – the one which has been saving marriages for more than ten years!

    We all know of the most popular ways to integrate a TELEVISION SET into a room – support it to the wall, stick it in a wall unit, hang it on top of a cabinet, and so forth – but non-e of the people solve the decoration problem. The answer is a much more straightforward one: hide it.

    How is your day supposed to watch a TELEVISION if it’s hidden? Simple. Having a state-of-the-art TV lift system. A TV lift can move the TV physically. Such lift programs can be customized and used in various ways to allow for Televisions to be visible when watching, then entirely from sight when they are not in use.

    Here are just some of the ways you can incorporate a TV lift system as the perfect décor solution:

    1) Within a half-wall. Many space designs now incorporate half-walls or knee walls to behave as room dividers. A good start can be placed within the wall, allowing the TV to appear over a wall when in use and disappear into the wall you should be in use. Hiding a TELEVISION in a wall that splits two rooms is a great concept, especially if you choose a rotating raise mechanism that allows the TELEVISION to turn to face either space.

    2) Within a cabinet. If you are trying to protect a beautiful watch – a painting on the wall, a window, or maybe just the view of the room itself – you may place a TV elevated within a cabinet. The TV is usually hidden within the piece of furniture being used in use. You also have a significant Element of surprise here – nobody can ever suspect that the wonderfully finished hand-crafted cabinet from the corner will eject a giant 70′ television set!

    3) Shuffle between floors. Suppose the property is designed, so the room mentioned earlier aligns appropriately with the place underneath. In that case, you can install an elevated mechanism to move some sort of TV from the floor from the top room down to the actual ceiling of the bottom space. This solution allows for 1 TV to be viewed on two different floors while providing décor preservation means for both rooms at the same time.

    4) At the foot of the mattress. Foot-of-the-bed cabinets with raise mechanisms are available to be personalized to fit the size and style of the specific bed. The TV will certainly lift from the foot of the bed to provide the perfect front-row view when in use. Revolving mechanisms can also be added to permit the TV to be watched from all other parts of the bedroom as well, after that, disappear at the foot on the bed when turned off.

    5) Under the bed. With an Within the Bed lift system, your TV does just that rapid hides under your sleep! The TV lies flat (screen facing up) under sleep when not in use. Then when you choose to deploy the lift, it slides straight out from within the end of the bed, does a 90-degree turn to arrive at the edge of the bed, and raises to proper seeing height. This is a hassle-free solution because you don’t want additional furniture to hide your TV.

    6) Down in the attic. Your TV can be stored there if you have space in the attic. You should use it! When you are ready to watch television, it will drop from the attic into the room beneath. You can choose your lift size, therefore allowing you to choose what lengths into the room the TV can come (just below the ceiling, nearly to the floor, etc . ). You can also select tilt and rotate options, allowing the television to drop out of the attic. After that, tilt downwards for a much better viewing angle or turn around to properly encounter the room’s seating region.

    7) Within the kitchen. Sometimes, TVs are décor-clashes inside a kitchen more than anywhere else in the home. There are a couple of lift possibilities to hide a TV in a kitchen. You can place a good start within a kitchen cabinet, allowing the TV to come out of the cabinet when it’s the perfect time to watch. Another solution is to set the TV lift within a home island. When in use, it will lift outside the island. You can also place some sort of manual or automatic swivel lift on a tropical kitchen island, allowing the TV to swivel to face different areas in the kitchen (the seating area, the kitchen area, etc . ).

    We hope our TV-hiding solutions have created your imagination and provided you with ideas on how to resolve your design and look at challenges created by large Televisions. The fighting can stop — now you can have your TELEVISION and hide it too!

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