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Free to Play Games


    Free-to-play has earned itself a bad rep, but there are some exceptional games out there offering hours and hours of gameplay without costing a single dime – from eSports titles such as CS: GO and MMOs like Guild Wars 2, these games deliver. The actual Interesting Info about LOLBeans.

    Valorant brings Counter-Strike-style multiplayer to the MOBA genre with an engaging roster of Overwatch-esque heroes, making for an attractive yet complex game with an active community that’s free to play.


    Runescape stands out with iconic characters, gameplay options, and quests that reward players with experience and items. Training skills is one of the many activities available within its game world while engaging non-player characters, monsters, or other players in combat is another option available in Runescape.

    Runescape remains popular despite age, boasting numerous communities on Discord, YouTube, and DeviantART. Furthermore, players have adopted 3rd party software that pinpoints invisible hitboxes while tracking gold and experience earned.

    Jagex recently implemented several client features to benefit free players and members of its game while also making accessibility changes more inclusive for those with visual design or device issues who find the game inaccessible. Soon, Jagex will also debut the Fresh Start Worlds server, which allows free players to access up to 20% of content previously only accessible to members.

    Path of Exile

    Path of Exile has since emerged on the ARPG scene as a highly complex RPG with extensive character customization options and intricate game systems. Grinding Gear Games has before provided several free content expansions and updates since its initial release date and is currently planning for an even greater one to arrive soon.

    Path of Exile 2 will feature a new seven-act storyline, passive skill trees with pocketable gems, 19 new ascendency classes, and an overhaul to its itemization and crafting systems.

    As with any free-to-play game, you must understand its monetization model before beginning play. Items in-game may be purchased using stash tabs purchased either through storefronts or supporter packs; alternatively, you may choose not to make any purchases whatsoever and still enjoy playing the game! However, supporter packs should be invested for optimal chances at rare items.

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS: GO, is an extremely popular first-person shooter that has quickly become one of the premier esports games. Two teams of five players compete against one another across an iconic map in this multiplayer tactical first-person shooter developed by Valve – it currently ranks as the highest-played game on Steam!

    CS: GO has undergone significant visual updates with this update, with new user interface elements and a revamped HUD inspired by Valorant. Furthermore, Cascaded Shadow Maps have been added, which enhance how outdoor lighting is rendered in-game.

    As part of its updates, CS: GO now features community servers. Individuals own and run these servers and can offer anything from classic CS gameplay to modified variants. Furthermore, an impressive set of achievements is available within the game for players to earn, such as killing an exact number of targets with certain weapons to reaching the top of the leaderboard.

    League of Legends

    League of Legends is a viral massively multiplayer online role-playing game millions enjoy daily. Players take control of one of the 150 available champions and compete against opposing teams on Summoner’s Rift to destroy an opposing Nexus and destroy it for victory. Matches may last an hour-plus, and their popularity has even led to spin-off games and merchandise!

    Riot Games has created a vast lore and world in League of Legends that draws players in, which is part of what draws so many to invest. Furthermore, this variety in gameplay means many are drawn in. While traditional fighting games offer mashing buttons, League of Legends gives players multiple strategic choices.

    Although League of Legends is free-to-play, its premium RP currency can be bought using real money. Riot Games has taken great care to ensure the game remains affordable and competitive – avoiding the pay-to-win controversy that plagues other free-to-play titles.