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Is Free Online Notepad++ editor the best code editor for Windows?

    Free Online Notepad++ Editor


    Free Online Notepad++ Editor is a free online text and source code editor that runs in Microsoft Windows. GNU General Public License governed the use of this free online Notepad++ editor. Don Ho developed this unique text and source code editor in 2003. 


    He developed this editor after he was dissatisfied with the Jext editor. So he decided to create a text and source code editor written in C++ and Scintilla. And he made this excellent source code editor built as a Microsoft Windows application. 


    This free online Notepad++ editor is based on the Scintilla editor component. It is written in C++ with only Win32 API calls using only the STL to maximize performance and minimize program size. 


    Free Online Notepad++ editor is allocated as free software for Microsoft Windows. It supports tabbed editing, which means this fantastic source code editor can work with multiple open files in a single window. This online text and source code editor supports many languages such as C, C++, HTML, Java, etc. 


    How to download the Exclusive Free Online Notepad++ editor on your system? 

    To download a free online Notepad++ editor on your Microsoft Windows, you have to follow these simple steps:


    • Go to the official website of Notepad ++ editor.

    • There is an option “Notepad installer,” click on it. 
    • After that, allow the account user control and select the preferred language. 
    • Then agree on terms and conditions and then click on ‘install.’ 
    • At last, click on ‘Finish’ on the next page. 


    Now you are ready to use Notepad++ editor. 


    Outstanding Features of free online Notepad++ editor:

    The free online Notepad++ editor has the inbuilt Microsoft Windows text editor with tabbed editing. This text and source editor has many unique features that make it one of the best text editors for Microsoft Windows. 


    Here we have mentioned the best parts of free online Notepad ++ editor:


    User-defined languages-

    Free Online Notepad++ editor comes with a package of many language mixers. This feature allows you to apply syntax highlighting to textual data and source codes. This feature also allows to define rules for standard text formatting and also diameters. 

    Cross-platform plain text files:

    The free online notepad++ editor has a feature that can create and consume cross-platform plain text files. This feature allows the editor to recognize CR, CR+LF, and LF and convert them on the fly. It can fix plain text with proper detection. 



    Free Online Notepad++ editor supports plugins and macrons also. The architecture of its plugin is marked as robust, which enables many new features. With these various new features, the notepad++ editor is always integrated into the program. 


    Bulk replacement:

    If you want to replace a specific bulk entry in your file, then Free Online Notepad++ editor is one of the best options. Notepad++ editor can instantly find through all entries from your file and replace them as your choice. 


    Save all :

    Free Online Notepad++ editor offers the best features from which you can save all the opened files. Keeping all the files one by one is messing. So, this editor allows you to save all the opened files in just one click. 


    Secret Cons of Notepad++ editor-

    • The autosave does not work correctly. 
    • The compiler is missing. 
    • No dark mode option. 
    • Documents often get crashed. 



    With some minor disadvantages, this free online Notepad++ editor is one of the best text and source editors. This editor is also the best for Microsoft Windows. It has all the fantastic features that the best editor should have. 


    Is Notepad++ editor is best for programming?

    Yes, Notepad++ editor is best for programming.

    Where can Notepad++ editor plugins find?

    You can find plugins for Notepad++ in the Plugin Manager, Plugin Central.