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    ceros website

    Ceros website is an official website of Ceros Company. And ceros is a cloud-based design platform. The main aim of this website and the ceros company is helping the non-digital companies go digital. And the core of the website and company is assisting companies in building, analyzing, amplifying, and distributing content while engaging the audience like a pro.



    Through taking the embed code and putting it into HTML of a page or a post, you can embed the content build in Ceros into CMS. If you have built your site responsively, your Ceros experience with ceros website can also react to the page’s size dynamically.

    Email clients are not regular in the way of rendering content of email for the readers. There can be issues like blocking images and other content which are non-text by default; applying different spacing or spacing to the content.

    And a gif can be made to view a part of Ceros Experience and droppers into the email service provider if your give viewers want a sneak peek of your content. The tracking code of marketing automation platform can be dropped into the Custom HTML field under Settings. And this will pass through any Ceros Experiences viewed to records of your MAP contact.



    Ceros provides integrations with Marketo, Hubspot, and Eloqua to insert forms from the tools into Ceros Experience more seamlessly. You can easily embed UGC in Ceros. With your CRM or marketing automation using ceros website built-in integrations, a current lead capture form can be created.

    And for the third-party platforms outside of integrations Embed Object Tool of ceros website can be used. From a marketing automation platform, you can create a lightbox in lead capture forms for capturing information. The Experience SDK of ceros website allows personalization and adding logic to experiences, dynamically.

    Ceros outputs Experiences as HTML5 and JavaScript. Ceros website doesn’t offer direct integrations with CRM yet. But using the SDK of ceros content can be personalized. For search engines, several optimization settings are provided by the ceros website.

    The content of the ceros performs quite well from the standpoint of SEO. You can also set up your vanity domain and have ceros content published on your part.


    Can Ceros serve the different content based on geographic region?

    Based on the IP address, there are two options if one wants different Ceros content in other: • An experience of single-page demanding for language or region from the user and based on their selection, a link that will direct the user to appropriate content can be created a single-page Experience. • Experiences can be embedded in pages hosted by you on a valid subdomain. For taking viewers to the content you will like to be served based on the selected location, your domain's JS redirect logic or HTTP can be used.

    How do users accounts and their roles work?

    There are two roles for users. One of the two is the account owner, and the other is the only member. Those who had only members on the ceros website have access to the project they are invited to, and they are not allowed to make any account level changes. On the other hand, account Honours have access to all the projects even to those they are not invited, and they also can make account level changes.