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Will C Programming in Atom gives you a faster and better experience?

    C Programming In Atom


    Atom is a text editor used to write many programs such as Ruby, Python, C++, etc. C programming in atom editor is quite reliable and easy to run. It is not an IDE means you will have to download other tools to compile C programs. 


    While doing C programming in Atom, you can easily customize the look, fonts, and many other features. It runs on a structure for developing cross-platform apps utilizing web technologies.


    How to download the compiler for C programming in Atom

    For this, you have first to download the app compiler. To compile and run C programming, you can use the shortcut F5. And for debug the programs, you can use the shortcut F6. 


    These are very basic and understandable shortcuts that make your coding faster and quicker. This compiler is platform-dependent, so we have to follow a different process for different operating systems.


    For Linux:

    RHEL-based distros, command sudo dnf install GCC GCC-c++.

    Debian-based distros, command Sudo apt install GCC g++.

    Arch-based distros, command sudo Pacman -S GCC.


    For Windows:

    You’ll require to install MinGW and add it to your PATH.


    For Mac

    You’ll require to install XCode.


    From, this you can easily install the compiler to run C programming in Atom.


    Some of the Unique Features that you will get while doing C programming in Atom.


    It is a cross-platform editor.

    Atom works on almost every operating system, whether it is Linux, Windows, or Mac. Practically, you can write anywhere and edit it anytime in any operating system. 


    It has a built-in package manager.

    You can install the new packages according to your C programming in atom needs. Also, you can make your packages in Atom.


    Outstanding Smart auto-completion

    It is made upon the AI ( Artificial Intelligence ). So, it will give you thousands of suggestions while writing code. You can select from them if it’s precisely what you want to write.


    File system browser in one window

    C programming in Atom will be relatively easy from this feature. You can manage your multiple programs in a single window.


    It has multiple panes.

    You can spill your programming interface into multiple panes to edit and compare the codes across files.


    Find and replace your text at once 

    While doing C programming in Atom, if you want to replace some text from all over the projects, you can easily find and replace it with a single click.


    Secret Pros and Cons of C programming in Atom:


    • It has a vast plug-in library that is easy to use and integrates seamlessly while doing C programming in Atom.
    • Atom’s multi-cursor plug-in functionality gives an excellent method for managing text in bulk.
    • C programming in Atom provides the right syntax highlighting and other interactive support for C programming languages through its available plug-ins.



    • Some of the UX could be improved.
    • It will open every time with two panes and a welcome tab in each, requiring you to close much cruft on startup.
    • C programming in atom plug-in marketplace could be a little more discoverable.



    By the end of this blog, we understand how C programming in Atom gives you a faster and better experience. We have discussed a lot in brief how it will help you to write code, fix the coding errors, auto suggestions mode, and many more. I hope this article will help you to get to know about the C programming in Atom.


    Can I run the C programs in Atom after installing?

    No, you have to first, install the compiler for C programs.

    Is it free to use?

    Yes, it is free.