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Browserstack linux – Know more about the unbelievable BrowserStack Linux

    browserstack linux

    What is BrowserStack Linux?

    Before we talk about BrowserStack Linux, let’s see what BrowserStack is.

    BrowserStack  (generally speaking) is typically the largest app development site, performing more than two million experiments every day across 15 multinational data centres.

    We support Microsoft, Twitter, Barclays, Expedia and more than 25.000 customers offer high-quality apps easily by transferring testing to our cloud. Our platform offers immediate access to more than 2,000 real mobile devices and browsers on a highly stable cloud service that grows as testing needs develop. With BrowserStack, Dev and QA teams will work easily and create an awesome experience for any user.

    A complete change in mind?!

    As you can see in this tweet for BrowserStack back there in 2017, when someone asked for BrowserStack Linux news from them, they said they are not planning for adding support for Linux. Look at them now!

    How to enable local testing in BrowserStack Linux?

    Next, download the required BrowserStack local binary for your system: 32-bit Linux or 64-bit Linux.

    Then unzip the file to the folder/directory on your desktop and open the command-line interface to navigate to the local binary folder. Run the local binary by using the following command:

    ./BrowserStackLocal –key YOUR_ACCESS_KEY.

    This allows Live Sessions Local Testing—as well as Screenshots. To try, start a live session on your browser and scan for a local test in the docked toolbar. The green/red icon will show if the local test for your session is enabled/disabled.

    To address all requests to local URLs from your computer, set the local test link to the—force-local flag as follows:

    ./BrowserStackLocal –key YOUR_ACCESS_KEY –force-local

    For example, if there is a URL like that is limited to your network, or you have a/etc/hosts entry for mapping to localhost, or an internal server/environment, this choice will address all requests from your remote browser/mobile device from your computer.

    Disconnecting the local testing.

    The link to local research is enduring. Essentially, your computer and BrowserStack Cloud remain connected unless: you expressly terminate the connection (for example, by using a binary) or you close the browser window, or you log out of your BrowserStack account.

    And if you mistakenly close the browser tab, you can re-open local checking.


    How does the local testing work in BrowserStack Linux?

    Local Testing creates a secure, persistent tunnel between your local development/staging environments and the BrowserStack Cloud. With Local Testing, all your web and mobile apps can be tested out of the box, including those hosted on localhost, behind proxies and firewalls, and much more.